PWRUP: A Play to Earn Loyalty Program Made by Real Game Devs

Tilting Point
3 min readDec 6, 2022

What is PWRUP? We know a lot of mobile game players will be asking, so allow us to explain!

PWRUP is a new Web3 loyalty program designed by mobile games industry veterans from EA, Machine Zone, Gameloft, King and more, that provides members with real play to earn potential and amazing benefits inside their favorite mobile games from Tilting Point.

Members of the PWRUP loyalty program will receive unique NFT passports granting real earnings and benefits!

Membership in the PWRUP loyalty program is earned by acquiring a PWRUP passport in the form of an NFT. Passport holders will be able to gain exclusive benefits tailored to their favorite PWRUP-enabled Tilting Point games, and will earn loyalty points just by playing. These loyalty points can be exchanged for exclusive in-game items, or can be converted to $PWR tokens which can be used to purchase real world items. You can also carry your loyalty points with you from game to game, so you can earn while discovering awesome new games and be assured that your investment in a previous game will never lose its value.

PWRUP members will also be rewarded for actively engaging with a variety of games, with the platform and within the PWRUP community. In addition to loyalty points, PWRUP members will earn achievements and in-game trophies known as Soul Bound Tokens for completing specific actions within PWRUP games, and on our community channels. Earning achievements will provide players with real in-game advantages like loyalty point multipliers, access to exclusive events and leaderboards, special community roles and more.

Soon we will be announcing the first games coming to PWRUP, as well as details around how you can get your hands on a Passport in our first FREE Passport drop! To learn more and prepare for this event, visit PWRUP’s website or join the conversation on Discord. Furthermore, you can follow us on Twitter for the latest news about NFT drops and games, plus we have a brand new PWRUP Medium page of our own! Stay tuned for more exciting developments from the teams at Tilting Point and PWRUP!

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